About the Author

Who is "jr" rife ??


JR is a pastor, author, & musician from Central Pennsylvania. Beginning in the fantasy genre, JR has composed original works of fantasy fiction inspired by works such as J.R.R. Tolkien, Stephen R. Lawhead, & C.S. Lewis and many others. His first book is Lord of the Forrest followed by its sequel, The Sword of Jyr. An epic fantasy series with something for readers from multiple genres.

In 2012 he released The Supernatural, The Paranormal, & The Bible, a book exploring the Supernatural side of the Bible and illustrating the foundations for subject matter relative to the present.

At the present, he is composing a work based on years of research on the historical Vlad Tepes, his most ambitious work to date. A story richly conveying the tales and stories still told today in Romania of a national hero from the country's past.