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Holy Vow! I'm Married


We may think we live in a world where "nothing lasts", but I would like to challenge that in this book. This is a raw, straightforward and sometimes offensive look about how wrong we've been about marriage. We've inherited a distorted image. It is time to see clearly. This book removes all those distortions and provides an honest look at marriage and relationships. This is not "just another marriage book". This is a fresh look that removes shame and provides freedom in our relationships, sexuality, and lives together. This book is for everyone... OK, maybe not younger folk, there's some borderline explicit stuff in here. But you definitely need to see this for yourself no matter what your relationship status is. This is not a 'step by step' book. It's a work that breathes life into every relationship. This is a book written for you!

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General Admission: A History of Christian Metal by a Fan


The music industry has been ever changing. It has been both kind and cruel to nearly every musical genre and subgenre under the sun. Due to the tempestuous conditions of said industry, many stories go overlooked or entirely untold. The "popular" history of Christian Metal is a fascinating tale with most of it being told from the Sunset Strip heyday to the occasional "fallen Christian" scandal. However, the author of General Admission - A History of Christian Metal by a Fan, takes you through some of the most pivotal historical moments while remembering the impact of not just the L.A. bands, but what was happening on the U.S. East Coast and even continues across the Atlantic to include the impact of European bands in the scene as well. Written with passion, J. Rife's own experiences in the industry show the heart and the struggle of many of Christian Metal bands.

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In the Kingdom: Life Beyond the Stained-Glass


It's time to move in confidence AND humility. It's time to be brave. If God is good and He said His creation is good, then what are we missing? Read In the Kingdom to begin a life changing journey calling out a church to look more like Jesus.

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This is the story of Dracula as you've never heard before. Rising from the ashes of Ottoman oppression, a true son of Transylvania battles for honor, for freedom, and even for love. This true retelling of the legend will forever change how we see whom writers of history call a villain, yet the people of his homeland hail as a hero. Step inside this journey through time to meet a hero of ages past.

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Lord of the Forrest


Abandoned and alone, a young nomad whose sanctuary and home had always been the vast forrest in which he was left behind, leaves the protection of the woodlands to be thrown into a world unlike the serenity and innocence he had always known. Forsaken by his clan, he cares for no one except for the life that thrives within his domain. But one woman, a princess of the kingdom of Varacai, makes all that change. With a newfound power, a forbidden love and a legendary sword in his hands, will he be given everything and then be forced to risk it all for a cause that will shatter or strengthen Varacai? But no matter which path he chooses, he will find that all will come to know him as Tempest, the Lord of the Forrest.

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The Sword of JYR


Prince Alerryn and Prince Coryddyll are as close as two brothers could be. In a kingdom of peace, they have everything they have ever wanted, except a father. They have been raised on the stories and legends of their father, Lord Tempest, and know well what a powerful man he was. He possessed skills above that of the wizards of forsaken lore, which stemmed from Tempest’s link to the Otherworld. As they grow into manhood, these twin brothers find that they too are endowed with the same gifts. With an unknown threat facing their kingdom of Varacai, they will need to quickly become men and shield their people from slavery and oppression. The malevolent emperor is quickly closing his grip over and around the free world of men. With innocent blood at stake, all eyes will be upon their plight.

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The Supernatural, The Paranormal, & The Bible


It is difficult to dispute that unexplained events can and usually do occur every day. There are books, TV shows, ghost hunting groups & more in the mainstream culture. What has once been considered folklore has challenged skeptics more and more in these modern times. But tales of magic, ghosts, and divination existed before popular ghost stories were penned, before the popular witch trials of the past millennium, and even before many civilizations came to be. And the Bible is one of the best sources for not only demonstrating these things, but getting a better understanding of what much of it is about.

This book explores the Bible and other writings of the Christian tradition. It is a resource, yet hardly all inclusive, which I hope you can find thought-provoking and interesting.

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